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Our Offerings

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01. Drycleaning Services

Debonaire is a specialist in dry cleaning with the most advanced technology available. All our laundry equipment is industrial to handle the large volume of work.

Our experience includes working on the most expensive designer garments through to your everyday wear garments. We also have the latest shirt machine technology that produces a finished result no iron can provide.


All your delicate garments are “bagged” before processing ensuring integrity in the process.We have also just introduced barcode technology that allows us to not use tags and pins on your garments.If you bring your garments in by 9am we will process them that day and offer same day service on Saturday.

dry cleaned clothes on hangers
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02. Laundry Services

Debonaire has state of art machinery for us to provide rapid laundry services today. Not on do we large washing machines our dryers and industrial.


Some of the work we do for our clients include:

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General wash and fold for households

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Towels for gyms and physios

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Blankets for cinemas

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Cleaning towels and mop heads for commercial cleaners

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Linen, doona’s and bedding for households

Drycleaning Services
Laundry Services
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03. Wedding Dress Cleaning

Debonaire has extensive experience in cleaning your wedding dress, this includes all types of finishes. We have a set process that involves you along the way including time to clean, what is required, inspection before pressing and finally we offer preservation boxing services if needed at the end of the process.


Each dress is managed independently by our experienced staff and this ensures your dress is cleaned individually.


Advise is critical for this type of work and Debonaire has both the experience and knowledge to ensure your work is completed to the highest level of care.

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04. Sneaker Cleaning

Debonaire sneaker cleaning service is done by hand, we don’t use machinery. We developed our skills by applying the knowledge we leant in our dry cleaning trade and applied it to sneaker cleaning and these solutions can bring your sneakers back to life.

We take advantage of the industrial cleaning properties of high-pressure steam, at 190°C+ is incredibly effective at cleaning a huge variety of materials. It destroys bacteria and is gentle on your sneakers

Wedding Dress Cleaning
Sneaker Cleaning
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05. Leather And Suede

You can trust Debonaire with your leather, suede and fur cleaning, including a rejuvenation application for leather garments. Typically, these garments are more expensive than general garments and they are treated differently when cleaned.


After leather cleaning we spray an emulsifier to even the colour closer to the original tone. The garment is gently steamed into shape ready for wear. Because these processes are often repeated several times, we need to keep your garment for 2 weeks. Suede and leather are made from a natural hide, which may not be as perfect underneath the outer surface as it appears.


*Only our most experienced Dry cleaning operators are involved in this process.

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Leather And Suede
Ironed Blue Shirts on hangers
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06. Business Shirt Cleaning

Debonaire is a specialist in business shirt cleaning, operating with the most sophisticated shirt technology available in Australia today.

Your garments are assessed prior to cleaning to see if there are any stains or marks that need to be removed and are treated prior to wet cleaning.

We also utilise industrial strength powder that helps produce the best possible job. This process prior to finishing will enhance your shirt. Finally, your shirts are pressed on an automatic pressing machine which produces a finish normal pressing cant achieve.

The end to end process we undertake at Debonaire will enhance your shirts.

Shirts dry cleaning
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07. Linen, Rug And Curtains

Debonaire has significant experience and advise for the cleaning of your linen, rugs and curtains. Each product is assessed individually and typically this is how each product is cleaned:

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Linen covers

These are done inhouse and are cleaned in our Dry cleaning machine. This the safest way to clean your linen covers and ensure they are cleaned and returned in the same shape.

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These are also done in house and typically take a week to complete. The first step is to assess the appropriate cleaning process and then they are hung to dry naturally. It is important that all curtains are assessed for any sun damage which can occur if they are not in direct sun light. All curtains will have a care label that advises the best approach which we will follow.

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These are outsourced to a professional cleaning company who specialise in this work.

With all these products we have a set process to complete cleaning, including:

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Inspection and advice with client

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Cleaning Process

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Pre cleaning Process – this is to identify stains and appropriate application

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Drying and finishing – for curtains and rugs this stage can take up to 3 days

Linen, Rug And Curtains
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